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Halimah Jammeh. Creator of Designed by Halimah

Designed by Halimah strives to find a way to express tranquility through jewelry and accessories. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best jewelry with an emphasis of creativity, positivity, and style.  


Founded in 2020 by then 12-year-old Halimah Jammeh this all started off as a hobby. That hobby has turned into a business.

"Fashion is my Passion." Halimah says."I love clothes but most importantly I love to style jewelry and accessories to my outfits. That was how I started making bracelets."

Now at 14 years old she wants to make a career out of her passion.

"As a young entrepreneur, my goal is to inspire teens to stay inventive and think outside of the box. Follow your dreams and chase your goals. Because anything is possible." says Halimah.

Here at Designed by Halimah, we ensure that everything is made by hand, for the heart.

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